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About the artist

Born into a family of aviators, it was only natural that Richard would spend his life in the sky. And what a wonderful vantage point that has been. Those who do not fly can never know the beauty they have missed. Months before his birth on June 7, 1944, the day after the D-Day invasion at Normandy, his father's life had been saved by a parachute. This was fortunate, for had that parachute not worked, he would never have known his father. He also would likely not have become a pilot. His earliest memory is that of looking down on the beauty of the Earth from his father's little Taylorcraft. The appreciation of that moment has lasted a lifetime. As a six year old boy growing up on a grass crop duster's field in Dodge City, Kansas, Richard was amazed to learn that other kids didn't fly. "How sad" he thought. "There must be something wrong with them."

Soon thereafter his grandmother offered him an Argus C-3 camera. Black and white film fit into his allowance, but Kodachrome 25 had been invented, and a new love was soon developed. Photography and aviation are so easily combined.

Years have passed. After a couple of degrees and a couple of years teaching Spanish at Evergreen Junior High School, Richard left to become an airline pilot in 1968....a wise choice. After fourteen years at Braniff International, then air charter work with Learjets, and over twenty years at Southwest Airlines...the only consistently profitable airline in the industry...the end of a long professional aviation career is now at hand. The flying will continue as a private venture in various classic aircraft.

From the beginning Richard's love for photography has evolved. The Argus camera has long ago been replaced again and again by more advanced equipment. The scope of subject has broadened to include wildlife and nature scenes, abstracts, people and places. The equipment is constantly changing as well....although the preferred medium is still film versus digital. Richard considers computer manipulation and fabrication of false images by combining separate photographs to be dishonest.

Photography is subjective by nature. What appeals to one may not appeal to another. To disect a photograph into minute detail as a means of describing the feeling it emotes is as futile as trying to explain the taste of chocolate. Richard's simple philosophy is "If you like it, then it is good. If not, try another flavor."

Photographs are taken with 35mm transparency format and are available unframed, drymounted, as well as framed. Non-reflective glass and acid-free matting and mounting materials are used. Sizes are 8" x 12", 16" x 24" or 20" x 30".

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Richard J. Hawley

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Silent Witness

October Lilly Pads

Morning Reverie

Dawn's Early Light

Blue Mountain Wave

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